Friday, 27 May 2011

Finally, an update!

A note from the Obscuritan:

I started this blog about two years ago, and after a spate of updates had to place it on enforced hiatus. When I said (somewhere on here) that my studies might get in the way, I really wasn't kidding!

However, I recently started using my Gmail account on here, and noted that the blog was still up and running. I hadn't expected much of a following (what with the internet basically being a void to shout into), but with over 5,000 hits at the last count, someone somewhere is evidently making use of the information put up here. While I was too busy to update, I have still been keeping tabs on the occult, folkloric and anthropological world in the past few years, and with some more time on my hands I will be giving this blogging thing another go.

Given how thoroughly the planned schedule collapsed however, (an abortive attempt at training myself to write to a deadline) the new and improved Obscuritan will be entirely inormally updated, and on a fairly random string of topics. Nevertheless, all efforts will be made at keeping a coherent tagging system so as to avoid confusion, and yes the somewhat pretentious language of previous entries will be dropped (even I shudder at the memory).

What all this means is that the blog, while staying in the same place on Blogger, will be reformatted and rebooted. The old articles won't be re-posted, but will remain at their previous web address. So long story short, expect updates soon!

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